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Sophie Galinier aka Lucy Dreams

Freelance Illustrator

Worlds of imagination and fantasy

About my work

My skills

My Art is guaranteed without academic formatting: total freedom of vision!

I owe this “out of the box” approach to a 100% self-taught training for the past 20 years, to long studies in Art History and to a very great intellectual curiosity.

My style is the result of various influences and personal technical research.

Another strong point: I combine imagination and a sense of analysis inherited from my university background.

Invention, dream, vision, innovation, rigour, precision.
Everything comes together to give substance to a unique vision, outside the box.

Thanks to my unusual professional background, I am used to working alone or in collaboration.

My many years of experience in the fields of research, culture and alternative therapies have given me rigour, respect for deadlines and a sense of listening.

I am available to take charge of any new project. You will find below a link to contact me.

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Inspirational themes

My favourite subjects are inspired by imaginary worlds, fantasy, literature, culture but also Nature…

Fairy Tales; Myths and Legends; Folklores

Classical or fantasy literature

Role Playing Games; Video Games

Comics; Fan Art; Cartoons

Varied musics: learned; classical; old; Jazz; Psychedelic; Metal; Underground…

History; History of Art; Decorative Arts ; Ancient Civilizations

Classical cinema of the 20th century; Golden Age of Hollywood musicals

Plant world; fungal kingdom; fauna and flora; forest ecology.

Spirituality; Tarology; Sacred Feminine

Yoga; Phytotherapy; Traditional Chinese and alternative medicine.

More about my background and hobbies

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My portfolio presents various illustrations and projects completed over the last 2 years.

This site also contains a blog where I sometimes post a few articles about my work, my current projects and the opening of commissions.

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